Week 6: Communication

The focus of our course this week revolved around communication. Kaa IoT development has provided an incredible resource for enabling the creation of highly innovative and groundbreaking products. “Kaa is a multi-purpose middleware platform for the Internet of Things that allows building complete end-to-end IoT solutions, connected applications, and smart products. The Kaa platform provides an open, feature-rich toolkit for the IoT product development and thus dramatically reduces associated cost, risks, and time-to-market.” (Kaa) Kaa has, through open source design, enabled users to create much more efficient and useful products in a much shorter time frame. Kaa perfectly satisfies the goals of open source design and it has become an extremely beneficial asset for product developers. It handles all of the communication across a user’s devices and creates a platform that is designed to facilitate efficient interaction between a user’s hardware and their application. It is through programs such as Kaa that there is increasing recognition of the substantial benefits of open source communication.


In a world that is becoming increasingly technologically advanced, the desire to stay one step ahead of competition is also on the rise. IP is becoming a vital part of our culture  at least for the time being. However, open source design and the applications through which it is used, such as Kaa, have been driving more innovation than IP alone. Open source design has become a much more beneficial platform for not only firms, but for everyday consumers as well. The only downside has become data security. There have been an increasing number of hacks through communication platforms, which has led to serious concern over the safety of open source design. Though there have been many measures put into place to counter hack attempts, the number of large-scale attacks have risen 40% since 2015. (Bloomberg) Our growing reliance on communication and open source have greatly increased our vulnerability to attacks.

Open source communication is an incredible resource that has been able to stimulate innovation. We rely on virtual communication every day and it has become imbedded in our lives. Though our Internet safety is becoming increasingly more at risk, our communities and businesses will rely more and more on open source forms of communication. Open source communication is driving the way we progress and if we are to continue using these methods, we must be aware of the possible consequences.


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